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Whether your property is in Pinellas County or elsewhere, your lawn is likely the largest area of your outdoor landscape. But no matter its size, maintaining its health and beauty raises the property value and curb appeal of your house. Horticare of America’s lawn care services helps you accomplish this and more. Our thoroughly trained and continuously educated technicians ensure that your lawn remains as green and weed-free as possible.

Lawn Care and Fertilization

Lawn care in Florida is a year-round job. The growth of our grass never stops, and the same is true for the weeds. One of the best ways to prevent weeds is by keeping your lawn healthy with an effective fertilization program. Healthy grass can withstand an attack from weeds, pests, and environmental stresses much better than unhealthy grass. Before the severe summer heat hits, we make use of our nitrogen- and potash-rich fertilizer. We use a very slow-release type because it’s not permissible to use nitrogen or phosphorus from June 1 to September 30. During that time, we use potash that is loaded with organic micronutrients to boost your soil and keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.

Weed Control

Even with a healthy lawn, weed infestations are a problem. These resilient plants rob your lawn of valuable resources, nutrients, and space. Competition from weeds can displace and even kill your grass, making effective and consistent weed control essential to the health and beauty of your lawn.


Aeration is one of the best lawn care services for your lawn and one that too many people forget about. Over time, rainfall, foot traffic, and consistent mowing can cause the soil to become compacted. Compacted soil makes it more difficult for water, air, and fertilizer to get down to the roots.  At Horticare of America, we offer both core and liquid aeration.

Core Aeration
Makes small holes in the lawn that relieves compaction and loosens the soil. This reduces water runoff in your lawn, allowing for better absorption of water and essential nutrients.

Liquid Aeration
Rather than using plugs to create holes in your lawn, liquid aeration is a mix of water and other micronutrients applied to your lawn that will also help relieve compaction and loosen your soil.

Contact us now and learn more about our core aeration and liquid aeration process.

Tree & Shrub Care

Horticare of America’s lawn care services don’t end with the grass, we also offer comprehensive tree and shrub care services. If it’s a plant, we can take care of it. No matter what type of plant it is, we never go for the shortcut treatments. We always start by treating the roots, resulting in a healthier and sturdier plant. In the end, your trees and shrubs will be more resistant to extreme weather stress and pest attacks.

If you have a home or a business is in or around Pinellas County, place your confidence in Horticare of America and give us a call today.

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