Pest Control Largo FL

Insects & Rodents
Insects, as well as small animals such as rodents, need shelter and food just like we do. The downside of that is it also means that they may try to take up residence in an existing structure, such as your house, and look for food. There are other animals that like to eat plants, which sometimes means they will go after your ornamental flowers and shrubs. Some species can even pose a health hazard. Horticare of America, Inc. is experienced and educated in ridding these pest from your home and property.
One thing that sets us apart from a lot of our competing companies is the fact that we have a certified and formally educated entomologist on staff. Any bug that has invaded either your outdoor landscape, or breached the barriers of your house can be quickly identified, which is important to knowing how to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Pest Prevention
At Horticare of America, we know that the most important part of pest control is not removing pests. It is preventing them from coming into your house in the first place. Or if they have already breached and caused damage, to make sure after their removal that the source of entry has been found and dealt with, so they are prevented from returning. That is why we offer a perimeter pest control service that establishes an invisible chemical barrier around your home to discourage them from trying to enter. If proper prevention is practiced, 99 percent of treatments can be done from the outside, without us having to enter your home. If inside pest control must be used, our team will use the bait method as opposed to indiscriminate mass spraying. One notable exception would be our bed bug treatment, which is most effectively performed by fumigation.

Our company’s policy and mission of continuous education means that we stay abreast of the current chemical technology. Over time, insects can become resistant to chemicals that were effective even less than a decade ago. For the homeowner that is contemplating trying to do their own pest control, the products bought at the Depot are most likely obsolete. Many of the most effective chemicals are now insect specific. Therefore, we tailor our treatments to the individual needs of each homeowner.

The owner at Horticare of America has expert certification from the University of Florida in wood destroying organisms and household pests. This is a great asset when it comes to the matter of termite control. Of all the household pests, termites can be one of the most dangerous to the structure of the house. Experts in hiding, they are most often not seen by the homeowner until they have already done damage. If you see wood damage and do not know the cause, or an abundance of shed wings around your outside property, you should give us a call. Our termite treatments are the most effective around this region.

Because we strive for continuous knowledge and improvement, and use the highest performing and safest chemicals, there simply is no better choice around the Largo area than Horticare of America. Contact us today for more information.