Mosquito Program Largo FL

Horticare of America is able to provide the best in pest control. Many people do not realize the number of different types of mosquitoes that are present in these parts. There are freshwater and saltwater types, as well as those who prefer to reproduce in brackish waters. This is a year round service that is performed once per month. The presence of mosquitoes will vary with each property, even within the same neighborhood. This is due to the variances of the landscapes. Mosquitoes like to rest during the day in shaded areas, as well as fencing and bedded regions of your outside. If you have sizable trees, or large plants in your yard, that will likely attract more mosquitoes. Also, they reproduce in standing water. If your property has a bird bath, a small pond, or other areas where water collects, mosquitoes will target your property even more. Also, if you live in exceptionally marshy area, or near a lake, you will definitely require more attention. When we treat your outside with this application, we know to target these areas more thoroughly, though we do treat the entire outside of your property.

Our mosquito program will drastically reduce their presence to the point where you will never have to worry about being swarmed. This is a very important lawn care service, because our company realizes that yards are not only meant to look beautiful and add to your property value, but are also there for living and enjoyment, an extension of your house. You use it for family gatherings, your children use it for running through sprinklers or swimming in their pools. Your pets use it for running and relieving themselves.

If you have any questions or concerns about the products that we will utilize to address this critical service, do not hesitate to bring them to our attention. Our products will be guaranteed to do their job without causing harm to beneficial bugs, pets, or humans. Horticare of America looks forward to the opportunity to make a long lasting partnership with you. Serving the Largo area for three decades, give us a call today.