Lawn Care Largo FL

No matter where your location, whether it is in the Largo area or elsewhere, your lawn will almost always consist of the largest area of your outdoor landscape. But no matter its size, maintaining its health and thickness will raise the property value of your house. At Horticare of America, Inc., our lawn care services will help you accomplish just that. Our thoroughly trained and continuously educated technicians will see to it that your lawn will remain as green and free of weeds as possible.

Lawn Care
Lawn care in Florida is a year-round task. The growth of the grass never stops, which means the threat of weeds will never cease. Part of weed control is an effective fertilization program. Healthy grass can withstand an attack from pests much better than grass that is left vulnerable with improper nutrition. Before the severe heat of the summer hits, we make use of our nitrogen and phosphorus-rich fertilizer. We use a very slow release type, due to the fact that it is not permissible to use nitrogen or phosphorus from June 1st to September 30th. During that time, we use potash and phosphate types that are also loaded with various organic micronutrients to keep your lawn sated during the summer season.

Weed Control
Of course, nutrition is only half the battle to keep your lawn healthy. Weeds are very resilient species that can grow and flourish without being physically planted by the homeowner. Left untreated, they can kill and displace your grass by stealing the plant food and water that was meant for your lawn. 

Aeration is a lawn care service that is often overlooked by the amateur do-it-yourselfer. Over time, due to your lawn being walked over, and also rainfall can cause the soil to become compacted. This makes it more difficult for fertilizer and water to permeate it and get to the roots. Aeration makes small holes in the lawn which relieves this compaction, and loosens the soil. You will then have less water runoff, and more absorption of water and nutrients.

Tree & Shrub
Horticare of America’s lawn care services are so comprehensive, that it does not end with the grass. We also offer tree and shrub care services. If it is plant life, we know how to take care of it. And whether it is grass, or trees and shrubs, we do not perform treatments that aim for a quick greening of the flora. We always treat starting at the root. The result of this is the plant life will be hardier in the long run, and more resistant to extreme weather stress and pest attack.
If you have a home or a business in the area of Largo, place your confidence in Horticare of America. Serving the area since 1986, give us a call today.